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Neuroscience and Neurobiology Group

The Neuroscience and Neurobiology Group studies development, basic function, disorders and diseases of the brain using Drosophila and rodent models.

We aim to understand molecular and cellular networks underlying neuronal development, brain functions like learning and memory, addictions like alcohol dependency, disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorders and diseases like Alzheimer’s. We use most modern tools and techniques, including molecular biology, biochemistry, optogenetics, genetics, and use quantitative approaches to investigate on a genome- and transcriptome-wide scale.
Our community of neuroscientists mind our 'brain business' collaboratively to nurture talents like you to reach their full potential as future citizens of neuroscience.
If you are interested in pursuing Ph.D. or M.S. in Neurobiology/Neuroscience research at UC Merced, please contact us.  We are currently accepting graduate students through the QSB Graduate Program.

 Professor Michael Cleary

Cleary lab is interested in various aspects of nervous system development and stem cell biology.

Visit the lab website.


 Professor Ramen Saha

The Saha lab studies neuronal gene transcription with the goal of elucidating epigenetic mechanisms underlying neuronal activity-induced gene transcription and their contribution in mental health and neuropsychiatric disorders like autism.


 Professor Fred Wolf

The Wolf lab is interested in how, given a set of environmental cues, an animal with a specific history and internal state will respond in a stereotyped manner. The brain and how it interacts with the body is complex and is largely unknown. Because of this, we favor unbiased phenotypic and molecular screens that can reveal undiscovered genetic and neural circuit bases for behavior.

Visit the lab website.