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Molecular and cell biology involves the use of cellular and molecular biology to solve real-world problems. Molecular and cell biologists study a broad spectrum of problems across several disciplines. In fact, these scientists are connected more closely through their shared approach and attitude toward interdisciplinary research rather than a shared interest in any particular set of problems.

UC Merced students in lab.

Moreover, an explicit goal of molecular cell biology is to contribute significantly to another discipline. Hence, the objective of applied molecular cell biology is to foster interdisciplinary research and education.

Molecular and cell biologists are inherently interdisciplinary. As mentioned above, these scientists are connected closely through their shared approach toward interdisciplinary research. They are individuals who are trained in the development of biological research for real-world problems, and the modern systems approach to solve them.

These faculty members are a great asset to any number of scientific and engineering programs within the university, where they can provide complete understanding of living systems and ultimately new treatments for complex diseases such as diabetes, cancer and neurdegenerative diseases using various model organisms. Please meet some of our lab mates below.

For more information about research among MCB faculty members, please visit our faculty profiles or topics.