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Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Merced


The Molecular and Cell Biology Department at the University of California, Merced contains a highly diverse group of research and teaching faculty who are pursuing research in areas related to molecular biology, cell, and developmental biology, biochemistry, microbiology and immunology, physiology, neurobiology, and biology education.

A majority of faculty research in the biological sciences at UC Merced is focused on basic research in health-related areas, such as stem cell biology, virology, microbiology and immunology, environmental health, and developmental biology, and science education research. Moreover, interdisciplinary research is highly encouraged at UC Merced.

The mission of the MCB Department is aligned with that of the School of Natural Sciences and its strategic plan: through innovative, multidisciplinary approaches we advance the frontiers of science and educate the workforce of the future while embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

I welcome and encourage you to explore our website and learn about the exciting work that is happening in the MCB Department at UC Merced.  

Jennifer O. Manilay, Ph.D.
Chair of the Molecular and Cell Biology Department



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